All of our Region’s industries are working through decarbonisation strategies as their shareholders and customers increasingly demand lower carbon products. With the State Government announcing clear timeframes for the closure of state-owned coal fired power stations, energy security and transition to renewable energy is a critical issue.

BGEA has been assisting several proponents of renewable energy Projects proposed for the Region.  This includes onshore and offshore wind, solar and battery storage. BGEA is also engaged with Western Power and Dept of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety on future energy demand from our existing industries and future supply from various Projects. A clear plan on how these energy needs will be balanced with the closure of our coal fired assets is yet to be presented and any plan will remain quite dynamic and subject to risk.  BGEA will continue to engage with Government and industry on delivering an effective energy transition.   

BGEA is also working with several industry members on the economic opportunities that could be developed with the renewable energy transition. Bunbury Geographe is well positioned to become a renewable energy hub for the State, particularly for the wind energy sector. Port expansion, manufacturing, servicing and maintenance are all being considered.