New Member – Cleanaway Waste Management

New Member - Cleanaway Waste Management 1
New Member - Cleanaway Waste Management 2

BGEA is pleased to welcome our newest member, Cleanaway Waste Management!

Here is a little background:

“Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is Australia’s leading total waste management solutions provider. We have served Australia for over 50 years, delivering solutions that offer extraordinary benefits not just for our customers, but for the communities and environment we live in. Cleanaway has over 6,300 expert staff and a specialist fleet of over 5,300 vehicles spread over 250 locations in Australia. At Cleanaway, we offer our customers an unrivalled capacity to collect, process, treat, recycle or safely dispose of any type of waste. Because we see all waste as a resource, managing Australia’s waste needs isn’t a matter of asking “where does it go now?”, but “what can it be next?” Our experience and expertise in the industry means we’re always finding better, smarter and cleaner ways to make a sustainable future possible.”

We look forward to working with Cleanaway to promote future environmental sustainability.