Export-ready businesses wanted for China initiative

In conjunction with the South West China Business Office and the Bunbury Geographe Economic Alliance, the City of Bunbury will be leading a business delegation to Bunbury’s Friendship City of Jiaxing in November 2020. Businesses in the South West will be invited to apply to be a part of this targeted unique delegation. Acceptance into the program will include:
• Cultural Business Training
• Business Matching with partners in Jiaxing
• Participation in 20th anniversary celebrations
• 3 days business immersion in and around Jiaxing

If you are interested in finding out more information or applying to attend the program, please contact us at [email protected]

Article Written by Zoe Keenan, South Western Times
Thursday, 7 November 2019 9:29AM

City of Bunbury senior officer of international engagement Carol McDowall, Bunbury Jiaxing Business Office representative Yan Lyu and Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan will train businesses participating in the delegation. Picture: Zoe Keenan

Bunbury businesses looking to expand into international markets have an opportunity to fly to China and pair with a business.

Bunbury City Council is heading up a business delegation to Jiaxing, a port city in northern Zhejiang province, China, next year.

Applications for the trip, accompanied by Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan, will open on November 15.

The trip will include months of preparation beforehand to get participating businesses up to speed with cultural awareness training, China-ready training and market expertise.

Bunbury city senior officer of international engagement Carol McDowall said they were looking for businesses that were export-ready, or close to being export-ready.

Businesses in the agriculture, health care, education, tourism and manufacturing industries are invited to apply.

“We’re hoping they’ll come back with a deal to move forward because it’s not just a fact-finding mission, it’s actually a business delegation where they’ll be matched with a business over there,” Ms McDowall said.

“China’s not easy to do business with but doing business anywhere is not easy.

“China is a really big market … if you don’t have the connections or introductions it can be a bit hard. Jiaxing is easier in that respect so we’re not trying to tackle all of China at once.”

The delegation is in celebration of the City of Bunbury’s 20-year anniversary of its sister city relationship with Jiaxing.

Bunbury Geographe Economic Alliance chief executive Chris McNamara said there were many cultural differences that could make or break a business relationship.

“For example taking a business card from someone in the wrong way, putting it in your back pocket … introductions, pointing, it’s small things that can ruin relationships,” he said.

Businesses who apply will go through a selection process and be selected in February.