Bunbury Outer Ring Road

See below the following update provided by Main Roads Western Australia

November Update

Local Industry Forums

In conjunction with the South West Development Commission, we hosted a local business briefing in Bunbury earlier this month. Local businesses were given the chance to learn about the work opportunities that the construction of Bunbury Outer Ring Road will provide.

This followed last month’s briefing session for registered Aboriginal businesses trading in the South West who are keen to participate in the project.

Native Seeds

We have just released a ‘Request for Proposal’ to industry to collect 200 kilograms of provenance seed as part of the landscaping and revegetation of the Bunbury Outer Ring Road Project.

The seed will be collected during 2019/20 from locally native species within 30 kilometres of the BORR alignment and will be used as either direct seeding or grown as tube stock. This is in addition to the 50kg of seed already collected as part of the project.

Environmental Referrals


Last month the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) announced it will assess the Bunbury Outer Ring Road (Southern Section). The Southern Section will be assessed on Referral Information, with 8 weeks for public review; with additional information to be provided by Main Roads.

The Southern Section has also been referred to the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy (DotEE). DotEE will advertise when the referral is open for public comment.

Northern and Central

The DotEE determined Bunbury Outer Ring Road Northern and Central Section to be a controlled action and will require assessment and approval under the EPBC Act before it can proceed. The project will be assessed on preliminary documentation.

The EPA decided to assess the northern and central sections on Referral Information, with additional information to be provided on flora and fauna and draft environmental management plans to be submitted.

BORR South Local Access Strategy

Thank you to the community members and stakeholders who participated in the BORR South local access strategy workshop in late July. The workshop was held to discuss concept designs and gain feedback from the community. The workshop improved our understanding of community issues and is informing the development of the local access strategy which has now been updated to reflect some of the issues raised during the workshop.

Kind regards,

Bunbury Outer Ring Road Project Team